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Trekking Info

Trekking Area

S = good Season
M = moderate weather (chances of rain)
X = Closed due to snow

From January To June
Trekking area
Bumthang X X S S S S
Gantey S S S S S S
Samteygang S S S S S S
Lingshi/Laya X X S M S S
Lunana Snowman X X S M S S
Gasa Hot Springs S S S S S M
Jhomolari X X S S S S
Druk Path X X S S S S
Dagala X X S S S S
From July To June
Trekking area
Bumthang M M S S S X
Gantey M M S S S S
Samteygang M M M S S S
Lingshi/Laya S S M X X X
Lunana Snowman S S M X X X
Gasa Hot Springs M M M S S S
Jhomolari M M S S X X
Druk Path M M S S S X
Dagala M M S S X X
High Altutude Treks
These treks are most challenging treks towards the north-west Bhutan towards the border of Tibet.
Snow Man Trek
(Laya/ Lunana)
  This trek is one of the most challenging treks in the whole of the Himalayas. Lunana has only a handful settlement, mainly the yak herders and tourist seldom visit this place. This trek passes by many virgin Himalayan mountains and offers spectacular views.
Gasa Hot spring trek   The trek starts from the alpine pasture land up to the 5,500mtrs high passes. The trails offer some of the most impressive peaks like Mt. Jhomolhari, Mt.Jichu Drake and numerous mountain ranges.
Jhomolhari trek   Although this trek is considered as a high altitude trek, many trekkers find it interesting and suitable for all average trekkers. The trek reaches the highest altitude of 4,900 meters on the Yale La pass and most part of the trek is a gradual walk. You will encounter many camps of Yak herders at the base of the Mt. Jhomolhari, "the Mountain Godess".
Thousand Lake trek   This trek will pass over layers of mountain peaks. Many sacred lakes in between the mountains are filled with Himalayan brown trout. The highest peak of this trek offers the best views of the Mt. Kanchenjunga and the entire range of Mt. Jhomolhari.
Low Altitude Treks.
Low altitude treks are mostly short treks in the near by smaller mountain passes and some times across valleys. En-route you will see lot of highly endangered species of birds and of course the best flora and fauna.
Bumthang Cultural trek   This is a short trek across several villages through the Bumthang valley. It is a pleasurable walk and a cultural exchange with the many Bumthap villagers enroute your trek. You will meet some of the Bhutan's high altitude nomads living in the mountain villages.
Druk path trek   The four day trek starting from Paro to Thimphu is a short trek, but offers spectacular views of the mountain separating the two valleys. There are wonderful lakes on the mountain filled with plenty of brown trout. Thick rhododendron forests cover the entire trail and it is very beautiful.
Gantey trek   This is one of the finest low altitude treks in Bhutan. It begins from the Phobjikha valley, a home to rare black necked crane, which migrates from the Tibetan plateau in the winter. Phobjikha is one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Bhutan. The trek passes through Gogona and Khodokha vallige and ends at the lowlands of Chuzomsa, the the confluence of the two glacial rivers of Sha district.