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Travelling Info

Palaces open to visitors

Bumthang Dzongkhag
  • Wangdichholing Dzong
  • Membar Tsho
  • Peling Sermon Chhorten, Palrithang
  • The Jakar Dzong
  • New Ura Lhakhang
Chukha Dzongkhag
  • Phuentsholing Lhakhang
  • Kharbandi Lhakhang
  • Kamji Lhakhang
  • Zangtopelri Lhakhang
  • Chasa Lhakhang in Bongo
  • Chima Lhakhang in Chima
  • Chapcha Dzong
Haa Dzongkhag
  • Drugyel Dzong-Sagala-Talung, Haa
  • Paro Wochu-Zangela-Haa gonpa-Tsapey, Haa
  • Paro-Kalila-Katsho, Haa
  • Paro Bondey-Chelila-Wangcha, Haa
Mongar Dzongkhag
  • Mongar Dzong
Paro Dzongkhag
  • Tourists are allowed to witness the festivals in the ground during the Tshechu
  • Tourists are allowed to visit the courtyard of the Dzong
  • The National Museum (Ta Dzong)
  • Till the Cafeteria view point on the way to Taktshang
  • Drugyel Dzong
  • Bitekha Dzong
Punakha Dzongkhag
  • The Kennery is open to the tourists after 9:00 A.M daily whether the Monk Body is in residence or not.
  • Tourists are allowed to witness Punakha Domchen
Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag
  • Zangtogpelri
Sarpang Dzongkhag
  • Tharpaling Lhakhang in Gelephu
  • Nimmling Lhakhang in Gelephu
  • Seshong Lhakhang
  • Sarpang Lhakhang
Samtse Dzongkhag
  • Lhakhang
  • Gomtu Lhakhang
Thimphu Dzongkhag
  • The Kuenery (Top Floor) in Trashichho Dzong is opened to the tourists irrespective of whether the Central Monk Body is in residence or not. But it will be open only after 5:00 P.M. when the Monk Body is in Thimphu. When the Monk Body is in Punakha, the tourists are allowed to visit only the courtyard of the Dzong. Tourists are not allowed into the Lhakhang.
  • When the Monk Body is in residence, the tourists are not allowed to enter into the Lhakhangs in the Dzong, they are allowed till the courtyard. During the Drubchen the tourists are allowed to witness the dance in the courtyard, but are not allowed to witness the performance in the Lhakhang.
  • During the three days of the Thimphu Tshechu, the tourists are allowed to witness the dances in the courtyard, but they are not allowed to witness the performances inside the Lhakhangs and the temples in the Dzong.
  • The Memorial Chorten
  • The Zangtopelri in Sabji Bajar
  • The Police camp Chorten
Trashigang Dzongkhag
  • Trashigang Dzong courtyard
  • Kanglung Lhakhang
  • Kanglung Zangtogpelri
  • Khaling Lhakhang
  • Radhi Lhakhang
  • The Sakten and Merak Lhakhangs
Trashiyangtsi Dzongkhag
  • Trashiyangtsi Dzong courtyard
Tsirang Dzongkhag
  • Damphu Lhakhang
  • Lamidara Lakhang
Trongsa Dzongkhag
  • Trongsa Dzong courtyard
  • During the rites and ceremonies all the Lhakhangs are closed to the tourists.
  • Ta Dzong
  • Chendebji
Wangduephodrang Dzongkhag
  • Wangduephodrang Dzong courtyard

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