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Welcome to Bhutan

Visitors have described Bhutan as a land of 'Universal Appeal' and 'Never Ending Charms' that lie in its exquisite culture steeped in Buddhist ideals that have been enshrined for ages in its unadulterated environs. Centuries old customs and traditions that have changed little since ancient times are still practiced by the people who take utmost pride in their unique cultural heritage. Traditional forms of greetings, regard for the elderly and respect to the clergy and civil servants are customary courtesies and are vigorously upheld and practiced with solemnity. Elaborate religious festivals, like Tshechus and Dromches, still generate tremendous excitement. Traditional sports like Archery, Dego and Khuru remain very popular with the young and old alike.

Many ancient monasteries and Dzongs (which also house temples) are centres of religious activity even today. These monasteries, built in memories of great divine masters and saints, are spiritual havens that offer prime solace to every visitor irrespective of caste, creed and colour. Prayers are routinely conducted in these sacred abodes of gods to sanctify the souls of all sentient beings. The chanting of age old tantrik mantras by scores (even hundreds, on important occasions) of monks has a magical effect that soothes frayed nerves and rejuvenates the soul. The stirring blasts of trumpets, the resounding clash of cymbals and the reverberating beat of drums always accompany these recitals which are believed to evoke mystic powers and strange revelations.

The ideal time for visiting Bhutan is during its festivals when you can witness the vibrancy of Bhutanese culture at its most exuberant moments. The graceful, masked dancers with their carefully choreographed gait, attired in brilliant costumes of the brightest brocades, can astound you with their acrobatic skills.

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Bhutan Festival

  • Tsechus (Festival): In almost every Dzongs (fortresses that house both the monastic & theGovt. administrative wings), read more

#Trip To Bhutan | Tour Operator for Bhutan | Travel to Bhutan | Tour of Bhutan | Visit Bhutan

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