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Bhutan Air Tickets From Druk Air



About Us

We are a professional tour operations company specialising in the ‘Hidden Kingdom’ of the sagely Himalayas - Bhutan. Based in India’s eastern city of Calcutta, we enjoy the locational advantage of being Bhutan’s nearest international airport and metropolis. Our operations are integrated with counterparts in Thimphu and other important destinations in Bhutan.

Our attention to detail - in cordial hospitality and focus on the sublime and unspoilt grandeur of this mountain kingdom - has been amply rewarded by the expressed appreciation of our esteemed clients. Our services to travellers to this unexplored wonder of the eastern Himalayas are an extension of the deep reverence we hold for the natural beauty of this part of the world and the respect we accord to the spiritual dimension of this uniquely peaceful land.

Discerning travellers from all over the world come to Bhutan for a variety of reasons. If you want to explore untrodden territory, or desire to be enchanted by perfectly preserved alpine flora and fauna, or discover distant tantric and folk art forms, or even experience a profoundly satisfying rest-cure – we are the travelling companion you are looking for.

After all, it has often been said that good company is half the joy of journeying!

What We Offer

As the Passenger Sales Agent (PSA) of DRUK AIR (Royal Bhutan Airlines), issues tickets for all sectors in which Bhutan’s national carrier operates.

Being specialists in the field of Bhutan tourism, we are in the best position to open up the magical possibilities of this Himalayan kingdom to our clients from around the world. We facilitate travel to all important destinations in Bhutan. Our tailor-made tours are designed with our clients’ interests, preferences and requirements in mind. We undertake bookings for individual tourists as well as for vacationing groups. Once in Bhutan, our clients enjoy our complete range of travel-related services - hotel reservations, currency exchange, transport, qualified guides, sightseeing tours, adventure packages and multi-cuisine meals.

For the Corporate segment we offer group bookings and organise seminars and meetings.


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